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5 Great Ways to Tweak Windows 8

For most people, Windows 8 remain an exciting new world to explore with their mobile devices but an occasional source of painful confusion for desktop users. If you are having a hard time graduating beyond the basics of Windows 8, here are a number of cool tricks that will help you better enjoy Microsoft’s newest operating system.

Quick Login Access with 4-Digit Pins

Passwords are such a horror to remember – especially when you have multiple accounts created in your desktop and you do not happen to be one of the administrators. To make login access easier, Windows 8 offers users the option to replace password permissions with 4-digit PINs. This gets even more convenient when you are using a touchscreen monitor with your desktop. To enable this option, you will need to access your control panel and then click on Users. From there, you will see an option to Create a PIN. On-screen authentication will be required afterwards by use of your password. But after clicking OK, that may be the last time you will be asked for a password.

Photo-Assisted Login Access

If the 4-digit PIN is not convenient enough for you then how about logging in with a photo? This time around you will login by using a photo. Obviously, it is not the most secure measure you can use for preventing unauthorized access to your computer but it is the easiest way to remember your “password”.

In order to enable this option, you need to repeat the entire process specified above. But this time, click on “Create a Picture Password”. Keep in mind that you will also be asked a password to ensure you have the right to do this.

Windows 8

Performance Boost by Disabling Visual Effects

One of the more welcomed and exciting features about the Windows 8 is its onslaught of visual effects – some of which you would never have experienced with another operating system. However, this feature comes with several conditions. To start with, it needs a very powerful or high-spec computer to run beautifully. If you do not have one then those visual effects would only make your computer feel even slower than usual.

If you want to disable visual effects then you need to visit the control panel once more. From there, click on “Systems Properties Performance”. Afterwards, click on “Visual Effects” to reconfigure the settings.

OpenDNS configuration to increase browsing speed

Few things are more irritating than having to wait for websites to load and your Internet connection is not to blame. If that is something you have also suffered from and you would like to know the mysterious cause behind your problems, search no more – or at least no more beyond Windows 8 itself.

Windows 8 is a powerful OS but with great power comes great hunger. If you need your computer and OS to work together and improve browsing speed, then you need to do your part. Figure out how to work on OpenDNS to enjoy a better browsing experience.

Configure to Allow for Metro UI

With this type of configuration, you will be able to use Windows 8 on your desktop as if it was an app instead and you can browse from side to side.

Just remember that Windows 8 becomes even more enjoyable with a proper Internet connection. Of course, the Internet provider you want may not service your area so check availability online before calling to subscribe.

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