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5 Steps for the Perfect Valentine’s Day

If there’s one day of the year that all couples want to get right, it’s February 14.

Valentine’s Day can be an experience filled with romance, excitement and adventure – but none of it will happen without a bit of preparation first. For anyone hoping to surprise their partner with a dream Valentine’s Day experience, here are five essential steps to make it happen.

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  • Plan in advance

Much like big work projects, holiday bookings and university assignments, the best Valentine’s Day experiences are those planned well in advance. Restaurant bookings fill up fast, so make sure you secure your reservation early.

Chances are if you leave your planning to the last minute then it’s going to feel rushed and disorganized – not to mention cause you a great deal of stress. Tackle this head on by putting plenty of time and effort into the preparations; it’ll pay off ten-fold in the end.

  • Think outside the box

The best Valentine’s Day experiences are always the memorable ones. If your standard date-night features dinner and a movie, then the same old plans won’t cut it come February 14.

Instead, it’s a day to be creative and spontaneous so why not try something new? Book a hot air balloon ride complete with champagne breakfast or for couples who have been together for a long time, recreate your first date experience and reminisce about all the good times you’ve shared over the years.

  • Find the perfect gift

Valentine’s Day gifts should make your partner feel special and loved – but that doesn’t need to mean breaking the bank. Day spa retreats are a great experience to enjoy together, while a weekend away is another great gift idea.

If you prefer to look for more classic and timeless gift ideas, jewellery is an elegant option that everyone enjoys. Consider which items your girlfriend enjoys wearing the most and look for something beautiful which she can wear everyday or on special occasions.

  • Add an element of surprise

If your partner thinks they have your usual romantic moves sussed out, then Valentine’s Day is the perfect chance to throw them a curve ball. They’ll probably know you have something planned, but try to think of ways to add an element of surprise!

  • Keep calm and enjoy your day

It’s important to remember that – despite the stress – Valentine’s Day is meant to fun. Even if plans do go a little awry, don’t let it ruin your day but find ways to overcome problems and enjoy spending time with your loved one.

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Samanta Anderson has compiled this list of things to remember to help make your day go as smoothly as possible.  If you are planning to propose come February 14th why not take a look at some memorable proposals.

Written by Ayesha Khan

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