5 Things to Do in Chicago

5 Things to Do in Chicago

Are you excited to visit the Windy City but have no idea where to spend your time? You can find some awesome eateries and music spots all over Chi-town. Whether you are visiting during the chilly winter or balmy summer months Chicago offers you plenty of fun, exciting locations where you can get a true taste of the city.

Visit Record Breakers

If you want to buy everything from old classics to new releases visit Record Breakers in the South Loop area of Chicago. You can buy records, laser discs, photo books and magazines of your favorite groups or genres. Whether it is hip hop, jazz, rock and roll or heavy metal you are after visiting Record Breakers can satisfy your music sweet tooth. You can visit Reggie’s Rock Club or Reggie’s Music Joint downstairs to take in some fine local musical talent or delicious food and drink.

Grab a Drink at Sidekicks

To get your karaoke fix stop by Sidekicks in the Windy City. Call the bar before a birthday visit so they can take your performance for free. Head to the backroom for some serious dart-playing after you belt out your favorite tunes. If you need to nosh after darting or singing order from the walk up counter to satiate your hunger. Karaoke runs from 8 PM to midnight during the week, 2 AM on Fridays and 3 AM on Saturdays so get ready to sing the night away in Chi-town.

University of ChicagoStop by the Robert J Quinn Fire Academy

Visit this firefighter training academy to get an authentic experience of how smoke eaters learn how to control flames in Chicago. No need to be alarmed if you smell smoke since the cadet’s training involves putting out live fires built by instructors. Observe a monument dedicated to firefighters who have died in the line of duty and photos of devastating fires and inventions created to prevent future tragedies.

Dine at the Lutnia Continental Café

For Eastern European dining eat a meal at the Lutnia Continental Café. Since Chicago has the largest Polish population outside of Warsaw you will be treated to an authentic, delicious meal served in a romantic, charming environment. If you want to increase the romantic factor visit the restaurant on a Friday or Saturday for live piano playing. Enjoy steak or venison among other dishes prepared table side and treat your palate with ice cream flambe desserts. Finish off the evening with a Zubrowka cocktail to cap off your Eastern European dining experience in style.

Eat at the Pick Me Up Café

Vegetarians can find a decent meal too in the Windy City. Stop by the Pick Me Up Café for a colorful, non-carnivorous dining experience. The restaurant is open 24 hours a day on weekends and until 3 AM on weeknights so you can get your veggie fix at weird hours if you like. You can feast on the Vegan Tofu Scram or nosh on Skordalia on a pita to satisfy your appetite. Down a Zombie coffee drink if you need a quick energy boost. After chugging down the 3 shots of espresso, 2 cups of coffee, steamed milk and whipped cream topped off with caramel and chocolate you can probably hang out at the restaurant until closing time on weekdays.

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