5 Tips for Home Buyers

5 Tips for Home Buyers

10 Tips For Home ImprovementIf you are in the market for a new home doing strict research before signing off on your new buy can ease anxieties surrounding the purchase. Being armed with the facts concerning prospective homes and neighborhoods helps you decide if whether or not you are making a buy at the right time.

Adopt a Big Picture Frame of Mind

Are you ready to embrace the responsibilities of home ownership? When something breaks you can no longer rely on your landlord to fix the problem. Many homeowners forget that taking full responsibility for their dwelling requires a certain amount of patience when the heat goes out or central air conks out. Before deciding to buy a home make sure you are willing to deal with the headaches of home ownership. Once you have accepted the idea that owning a home requires a certain big picture frame of mind you can more easily embrace the ups and downs of owning your digs.

Determine Your Closing Costs

Closing costs might surprise the uninformed home buyer. Factor in title and settlement fees, homeowners association fees, homeowners insurance and origination fees charged by the lender to figure out how much money you owe when settling. Do some online and offline research to get an idea what closing fees cost in your home state. Never overlook the cost of settling on your home unless you want to be potentially blindsided.

Figure Out Your Total Monthly Housing Cost

Research how much your house will cost each month by factoring in variables like homeowners insurance and taxes. Some state homeowner taxes plus insurance escrow can double your mortgage payment so do your due diligence before deciding where you wish to live. Speak to a local insurance agent for a rough estimate of what you would pay if you selected to live in a specific neighborhood.

Select Affordable Homes to Research

Before breaking the bank on a high priced home do your research and choose an affordable dwelling.  Use a mortgage calculator to get an idea of what you would pay for your home each month. Even though you might view your home as a long term investment life sometimes intervenes and changes your plans. The big bucks you put down 3 years ago might disappear if you have to move for your job while the real estate market takes a dive in your community. Do your homework and make a disciplined choice before buying a new home. Resist the urge to view your purchase as a foolproof long term investment. Live within your means.

Interview Reputable Agents to Get a Feel for the Local Market

After researching prospective neighborhoods online call a few reputable agents who offer homes in this region see if home values are declining or increasing in the area.  By speaking to a few honest professionals you can make an informed, confident decision.

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