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America’s Ten Most Dangerous Midsize Cities

Many people think of large cities as being high in both violent and property crime, but many mid-sized American cities have more crime per capital than their more populated counterparts. Most homeowners realize crime occurs in all areas and protect their family members and property by having top-quality home security systems installed by Vivint. Because homes that are protected by home security are less likely to be targeted by household intruders. They should be an important part of the security program of any home no matter where it is located. Following is a list of the 10 most dangerous midsized cities in the United States.

Stockton, California

Stockton CaliforniaRated one of the most awful cities to live in 2010 by Forbes magazine, Stockton residents experience increasingly high crime rates amid growing unemployment and community unrest.

Rockford, Illinois

Rockford, IllinoisWith a population of just over 150,000, Rockford has an usually high crime rate for a city of its size. Traffic from drug markets in surrounding urban communities is said to be one cause of this city’s inflated crime rate.

Little Rock, Arkansas

Little Rock ArkansasUnfortunately, this southern city has one the highest assault and rape rates in the entire country.

Oakland, California

Oakland CaliforniaLong known for its high crime rate, Oakland has experienced a recent decrease in violent crime. Nonetheless, it still remains on America’s top ten list of dangerous cities.

Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis TennesseeMemphis has the sixth highest crime rate in the country, although city officials are working hard to turn that around.

St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis MissouriAlthough violent crime statistics have decreased in this city over the course of the last few years, rates nonetheless remain significantly higher than the national average.

Detroit, Michigan

Detroit MichiganAlthough larger than the other cities listed here, Detroit’s population is decreasing while its crime rate continues to grow. This industrial city has been particularly hard hit by outsourcing of the automotive industry.

Flint, Michigan

Flint, MichiganThis city has the second highest homicide rate in the nation. Unlike many other cities of its size, violent crime has been steadily increasing in Flint for years.

Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore, MarylandBaltimore features the fourth largest murder rate in the United States, with the tenth worst rate of aggravated assaults. Even though rates have dropped slightly in recent years, this city retains the second highest violent crime rate east of the Mississippi River.

New Haven, Connecticut

New-Haven-ConnecticutViolent crime rates in this already historically crime saturated city have doubled in recent years.

Written by: Annette Hazard- She is a mother of one, she likes cycling, running, and green living. She keeps her family safe with home securty by Vivint.

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