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Barcelona’s Night Life

Barcelona is not the capital of Spain but it is as popular as Madrid, the capital city. Its popularity has been steadily rising ever since 1992 Olympics were held there. It has much to offer to the tourists of all hues in terms of beaches and breathtaking natural scenery. But the young at heart and those who like to booze and party are lured by a strong and vibrant nightlife of Barcelona. Whether or not you are a dancer or love alcoholic beverages, it is worth while to go to a night club when you are in Barcelona for a vacation. Because it has a reputation to maintain, Barcelona has a great variety of clubs, bars and discos to cater to the tastes and budgets of all sorts of tourists.

Some bars have large dance floors while others concentrate on food and drinks. There are some clubs that have the facility of live music with DJ’s. As far as bars are concerned, most of them remain open till 2 to 3 AM in the morning. If you have a desire to stay out even after this time, you may have to move to a nightclub. Las Ramblas is one area of the large city that has a thick concentration of bars and nightclubs. Though not all bars and clubs are of high quality, there are still some that are thronged by foreigners and locals alike at evenings. Some of the bars that are especially liked are Rita Blue and Bosque de los Fades. One thing to remember for the tourists is to keep an eye on their belongings all the time (even if you are a bit intoxicated). L’Eixample is another area in the centre of the city that has a concentration of bars, nightclubs and pubs. This is an area frequented by gays.

Barcelona’s Night Life

If you have been to Maremagnum, you may have been surprised to find the biggest shopping mall of the city having half the shops and half the clubs. In daytime, you would take this waterfront shopping mall on its face value but as soon as sun goes down, the mall turns into bars and pubs and nightclubs. There are clubs with dance floors where salsa rules supreme and all alcoholic drinks are served all night.

There is even a street called Port Olympic that is devoted to clubs and bars. This street lies in Olympic Yachting Arena and during summers, bars serve food and drink out in the open on their terraces. The city is dotted with coffee shops (unlike Amsterdam) and the drinks remain confined to coffee and alcoholic beverages.  Cafes also serve food and full meals, and surprisingly, they are cheaper than all clubs and bars.

Bars in Barcelona are impressive in the décor and are very comfortable; at least the staff makes visitors feel so. There are some with pole dancers and other live performers to add to the excitement of the nightlife for the tourists.

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