Majorca or Mallorca is the largest island in Spain, which hosts the most drop dead gorgeous beaches the world has ever come to know. With clear blue sea and white sand dunes, and mountainous region,

Majorca holidays 2013 has the romantic escapade to offer to the honeymooners and the best photo op for the avid tourists and photographers alike.



The thing about vacation is to have everything around us foreign and unfamiliar, with the night clubs and beach resorts and other outdoorsy activities unlike the ones back home, Majorca holidays 2013 offers a deal you cannot refuse.

Other than the world renowned beaches that Majorca offers, there is also another side to this island. Like the outdoorsy stuff that tourists can enjoy including trekking, hiking, surfing, scuba diving, fishing and sailing. Majorca also has a range of entertainment like golf, clubbing, and hosts some of the historic towns and is culture-oriented just like every other part of Europe with art, concerts, and even literature.



Sunbathing, beach volleyball, sand castling, sailing, exploring, camping out at night , all in one island in different directions, away from and within the island, Majorca holidays 2013 offers the best beaches in the entire European continent to visit for the holidays!

The very names of these beaches practically rolls of your tongue making the words sound enticing and like the icing on the cake are that these beaches are courted with beach restaurants and bars.

  • In the north are the resorts and beaches like Alcudia, Port de Pollensa, Port de Soller, Cala Diea, Playa de Muro, Cala Torta, Cala Mesquida, Mal Pas, Cala Figuera, and Ca’n Picafort.
  • Located in south are the beaches and beach resorts like Es Trenc, Cala Pi, Es Dolc, Es Caragol, Cala Llombards
  • In the east resides the beach and beach resorts like, the famous Cala Mondrago, s’Amarador, Cala Santanyi, Cala Millor, Calo des Moro.
  • And in the west are the resorts and beaches like: El Toro, Paguera, Palma Nova and many more beaches.


Standing on the shore, head lifted high, hands spread wide, the gentle breeze caressing our face and lifting our spirits, the soothing sounds of the waves lapping at our feet washing away any trace of ill feelings that our hearts might harbor are one of the reasons beaches are most sought after. Beaches also offer a romantic ambience with the sound of wind and waves singing in our ears, sun rising or setting in the horizon where it seems to the eye of the beholder as if the sky is kissing the ocean and in turn the waves come crashing on the shores exuberantly making it almost impossible to resist laughter and joy.

Parties in MAJORCA

The best beaches that you can visit are right here at Majorca holidays 2013 and the beach with scenic views on the southern part of the island is easy to access and most enjoyable with umpteen number of beach resorts and other entertainment factors.


Bring out the explorer in you! Though beaches are often the place for seeking calmness and absorb its serenity, Majorca holidays 2013 is offering you the best beaches with small coves and inlets on the north east region of the island. The way to the beach is not all that easy to come by on foot, but with the help of a boat or maybe even trekking if you are up to it, from little rocks to soft sand dunes Majorca has the most beautiful beaches to see and explore. Some of them are virgin beaches, yet to be explored and just awaiting the general public. Every artist lives to have his work derive pleasure and appreciation from the public, and as with nature, gods own hand painted masterpiece requires the same!


With the nearby village on the west surrounded by mountains and cliffs which are the decorations on the fringe of beaches beatifically located with snowy sand dunes and mostly pebbles which are yet again not accessible by foot but not a lost cause either. For these beaches that Majorca has to offer are the ones which are worthwhile. Though these beaches are the best ones in the entire continent, they are worth all the effort to reach across the rocky path inlaid with its village to the sapphire bay that holds the beauty of nature as far as the eye could see.


Majorca is a major tourist spot for many Europeans and the majority of the tourist visit the best of the best European beaches, for the night life, bars and resorts, with its rocky alcoves, sandy coves, inlets, and ridges beautifully and artistically present in the midst of a azure sea and snowy sandbanks, with a sail boat dotting the horizon, and the vast sky with clouds here and there obscuring the heavens above, it is truly a picturesque view that is worthy of being an escapade from the hard labors of life.

Take a beat, revel in its beauty, soak in the sun, and come find paradise on Earth, come with us for a vacation at Majorca holidays 2013!

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