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Best Comparison Sites in the UK 2013

Comparison sites have been set up to enable people to make informed decisions about prices and service quality in the matter of a few clicks. Take the car insurance market for example, with at least 200 UK companies all trying to get your attention and the countless advertisements you see there was a need for a website to show the cost, quality and service of all major car insurance quotes.

With this need there are now many comparison sites just for this one niche. The following article aims to highlight the best comparison sites for the UK market.

Best Comparison Sites

MoneySavingExpert – Everything Compared

This site is a must for most people as the information the site contains is truly unique. Whether you need to compare travel cards or gas suppliers then this site compares them all. Sign up for the weekly newsletter to receive the top 10 offers every week which include freebies, competitions and good money-saving vouchers.  Probably the biggest comparison site in the UK due to the trust and excellent information it offers.

Skyscanner – Flight Comparison

Skyscanner is an excellent tool recommended to all whom travel via airplane. This site can save you money as you can search for the cheapest flights to anywhere in the world. Prices are instantly updated and are correct in realtime. Another excellent feature of Skyscanner is that you can select an open ticket from a certain airport and the cheapest available flights for that particular day are instantly shown. This means you can plan a cheap weekend away based on the results. Definitely one for the bookmark folder.

Price Runner – Product Comparison

This site is simple yet really effective at what it does, price comparison of pretty much any product. Love a certain laptop, search here before you buy, chances are you will find it cheaper on here. Whilst this is affiliate site and gains revenue from when you make a purchase this does not affect the price that you pay. Next time you are buying something have a quick look ro see if you can get a better deal.

Ticket Review – Ticket Agency Comparison Site

With over 500 ticket companies registered in the UK alone there is an urgent need to be able to compare them without having to search for each individual ticket agent review. There has been countless websites that have been set up and promise tickets to sold out events and then never deliver the tickets on time. With this, people are now looking at the background of companies more and more before purchase. TicketReview.net compares both primary and secondary ticket sellers and writes a review about each of them. Good Website and well recommended.

 Ticket Yoda – UK Ticket Price Comparison

Our second ticket website on the list doesn’t compare the ticket agencies but compares the prices of the events that are taking place in the UK. With so many ticket agencies and so many ticket prices advertised, online Ticket Yoda shows prices from over 15 different ticket suppliers. The aim for Ticket Yoda is to save ticket searchers time and money by having all the best prices in one place, therefore decreasing the time spent looking and also to get the cheapest online price from a trusted seller.

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