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Designing a Mobile Website? Beware of these Mistakes

With the increasing trend of using internet on mobiles as well, every business owners tend to hire professional web designer to design mobile website. But even after doing so they fail to achieve the desired targets. The reason for this might be a faulty design. There are many mobile web designers (especially the new ones) who tend to commit certain blunders while designing the layout. Here are some of them –

Designing a Mobile Website

  • Not considering the width – It should be kept in mind that the standard width applicable for monitors won’t work for the small mobile screens. Check the maximum width that can be applied for a mobile screen. You also need to format a completely different HTML document applicable for different screen sizes.
  • Forcing the readers to fill up forms – Filling forms seem to be an irritating task on computers as well; and this is more so on the mobiles. Even if you need to provide one, make the form as simple and shorter as possible. It is advised to not to ask much from the users.
  • Ignoring the size of the fingers – While using a computer, we get the mouse to click upon links and other things. But it is not so with the mobile; one uses his/her finger to do the operations. Therefore it is important to design the buttons or tabs according to that.
  • Not modifying the Content – The content that you create for computer screen, allow you to provide a lot more detail which is not possible for the mobile content. Not modifying the content for your mobile website results into a clumsy webpage. As a result of this the customers miss out all the important information about your organization as well as the product/services that you offer. The entire process of editing the content for your mobile website demands in-depth analysis. While reviewing the content you need to separate the content that adds value to your business than those which only fill the space. Be careful that the most relevant information that you want to share with your customers are present on the website.
  • Placing too many images, resulting into delay in loading – Heavy images cause delay in loading a webpage and the problem is even greater when applied in a mobile. Whether it’s one big image or too many small images, the problem remains the same. Make sure that unnecessary images are not placed in the mobile website.
  • Poor Navigation – A poorly navigated website creates confusion among the readers. You should make navigation smoother by using textual descriptions for all links. Make sure that all the images are provided with alt tags. Make sure that the structure and the content of your website is in sync with the theme of the website design.

So, these are the most common mistakes, committed by the mobile web designers. Before selecting the mobile web design firm for your company, make sure that the designer is well aware of these blunders.

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