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Five Ways to Increase Your Chances of Having a Baby

Infertility is one of the growing problems of the modern age. And if you are like many others and are trying for a baby Infertility can be a terrible frustration. So you should really think about doing everything to increase your fertility(or your partner’s). There are several ways to achieve this, and here is a short list of how to approach the issue of infertility and make the right choices to maximize your chances of having a baby.

Find Out Who has Fertility Issues

The most important thing for your chances of conception is to isolate which of the two partners has fertility problems. While overall about 10% of women have problems conceiving or holding on to the baby, two thirds of infertility cases are attributable to men. So it is important that you start by identifying the causes of infertility. There are simple tests that can be performed to find out who has the fertility problem through your fertility doctor or, cheaper, online: http://www.healthtestingcenters.com/fertility-testing.aspx. Fertility blood testing is important as it will also give you important data on the chances of conception if steps are taken.

Address Easily Remediable Issues

Some of the main causes of fertility problems are easily fixed but not immediately obvious. For instance, a lot of women undergoing athletic training find it hard to conceive. For men a lot of physicians recommend avoiding heat sources in the groin area like laptops or heated seats as well as avoiding any radio wave sources like mobile phones. There are, however no clear studies indicating that mobile phones and similar devices lead to infertility, just circumstantial evidence so don’t throw your phone away just yet! Still it doesn’t hurt to be careful, especially if you’re trying to conceive and it’s a matter of sperm count.

Tackle Bigger Health Concerns

Some of our lifestyle choices drastically influence how likely we are to conceive. The best example for this is Smoking. Smoking affects fertility for both males and females. Male heavy smokers will find their sperm counts reduced by as high as 75% from the norm creating a real problem with conception. Female smokers should quit before conception as smoking has been linked with increased miscarriage risks according to webmd. Alcohol is another common cause of infertility in both men and women. A study in Sweden has shown that two drinks a day (within ‘normal’ limits for most) might reduce a woman’s chances to conceive by two thirds. Excessive coffee drinking has also been linked to infertility.

Increase Your Chances of Having a Baby

Maximize your Chances

If either partner has trouble conceiving you have to make everything perfect for your tries at conceiving. There are several positions that work better for conception, generally those that have the penis approach the cervix as much as possible. As a woman, spending 10-15 minutes on your back with knees to your chest after intercourse can also help. Calculating the perfect day of the month for conception is also important. Finally there are several herbal supplements that have been used in traditional medicine to boost fertility for centuries and have recently stated to be tested in the medical field.

Your doctor might have some more advice for you regarding fertility but following the advice above will increase your chances of conception. Good luck!

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