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How to Avoid a Deer-Related Traffic Accident

Though they may be cute, deer can be deadly. These strong, powerful animals are the cause of many traffic accidents, mainly because they frequently jet out into the road without warning. Worst of all, deer don’t keep on going. No, when they are caught in the beam of a pair of headlights they freeze, often making a collision inevitable.

Know Where You Are

It goes without saying that you should always keep your eye on the road. It’s also important to give some thought to the area you’re driving through. Is this an area that is prone to deer? You might not always see a deer crossing sign, but any heavily wooded area or area with a nearby forest increases your chances of seeing a deer.

Burn the Brights

You have brights on your vehicle for a reason, and that reason is so that you can see more easily when it’s extra dark outside. Don’t hesitate to turn on your brights when you sense deer may be nearby. If you happen to see oncoming traffic, just turn them off until the traffic passes.

If You See One Deer, There’s Probably Another Nearby

Deer travel in groups, so if you happen to see one cross the road, expect another to follow. In fact, you should slow your pace or stop momentarily if you even see a deer on the side of the road. It’s likely there’s more than just one and could indicate danger. Remember too that there is no rhyme or reason with deer, at least not that we can understand—they might stop for no reason, head back the other way, or even run into the side of your vehicle.

How to Avoid a Deer

When You Can’t Help It

Sometimes, you have no choice but to hit the deer. If this happens to you, do your best to steer the vehicle so that it grazes the animal rather than crashing directly into it. Of course, if you have the choice between turning into oncoming traffic and hitting the deer, hitting the deer holds the least inherent danger.

Keeping Deer Away

If you happen to have deer lurking by or on your property, getting rid of them can make you and others much safer on nearby roads. The majority of traffic accidents happen close to the home, since people generally feel more comfortable in and accustomed to these areas and thus take more risks.

Using a deer repellent product on and around your property can go a long way in ridding deer from the area. Choose a humane product that uses natural ingredients rather than harsh chemicals to repel deer by smell. Also select a product that is long-lasting to save yourself money and effort.

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