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How to Improve Your Grades Using Affirmations

Are you using affirmations to boost your performance in the classroom? Repeating a statement to yourself over and over helps you to change your belief system. Your life unfolds according to what you believe about yourself. If you believe yourself to be a successful student you shall be a successful student. If you think yourself to be a failure you will be a failure. The issue with affirmations is that most people do not put in the time to change their programming. Students might spend 5 minutes for a few days on and off to change their mental programming, affirming their success, then this crowd throws in the towel. This is not the way to reprogram your mind as many of your failure ridden beliefs ride super deep in your subconscious mind. If you are willing to commit to affirming now you see awesome results with your grades down the road.

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Skepticism abounds concerning any type of mental science. Whether you are visualizing or performing affirmations you will need to fight against yourself on a daily basis in the beginning. Most people tell you that positive thinking is a waste of time, especially for a group like students, but of course most people are not successful students or deeply, truly happy, living the life they want to live. Before you trust advice in any area of your life you must check the source. This means you need to simply observe where you receive your study tips from. Successful students are not always the best choice either. Some students who get A’s across the board study themselves into submission, meaning they simply burn out while getting good grades in the classroom, and this is not what life is supposed to be about. You want to live a rich, fulfilling life while you rock it out in the classroom and this is what studying effectively is all about. If you affirm your success you can see successful results with significantly less effort, because you will have taken the time to change your core programming. Do this and you will never struggle to achieve tremendous results academically.

Practical Tips for Affirming to Perform Better in the Classroom

You must affirm it to earn it, meaning you must drill a statement of phrase into your consciousness to make that statement of phrase come true. Say you want to get a perfect score on your next exam. About a few weeks before taking the exam slow down the wheels of your mind for about 10 minutes daily. Take the time to affirm a positive statement to yourself to the effect that you have aced your exam. Think in terms of past tense; when you feel on a deeper level that the event has passed you naturally generate the emotions of joy, relief, elation and gratitude. These emotions make all the difference in the world as they attract to you the ideas, people and circumstances to make your academic dreams come true. Repeat the phrase to yourself slowly, like a lullaby, over and over, allowing the idea to move deep into your subconscious mind. Do this for a long enough time and you believe the statement. You feel the affirmation to be true and naturally you move into actions to make it true.

Bonus Tips

Do affirmations first thing in the morning, on waking, when your mind feels fresh. Waiting to affirm until later in the day sets a poor tone for your day, as resistance will pop up during a normal school day and you will base your belief system on this resistance. Charge positive emotions into your affirmative statements. Study books on affirming to gain trust in the concept.

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