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Ten Reasons Why Celebrate Valentine’s Day at New South Wales

Throughout the world, Australian is known for fun and exciting activities such as scuba diving and hiking. However, the land south under is also the perfect destination to spend this Valentine’s Day.

There are many are ideal vacation getaways, but nothing can compare and even comes close to New South Wales. Situated at the east coast from Sydney, the destination is full of exciting activities for you and your love one to enjoy. Here are top ten reasons why you should bring your partner in NSW

Romantic Alfresco Dining

Romantic Alfresco DiningDuring Valentine’s Day, restaurants can be fully booked with couples also celebrating the special event. This scenario can turn the supposedly romantic dinner into a stressful atmosphere. You should instead choose to celebrate the occasion at an alfresco dining wherein you can have the best candle light dinner together. You and your partner can experience the ultimate dining experience at Kiama. Unlike other outdoor restaurants, Kiama takes pride on cafes sprawled overlooking the harbor.

Endless Restaurant Options

best restaurantsIf you forgot to reserve a table before Valentine’s Day, there can be a little chance you can still find a restaurant with available seats. When you do, the food can be a huge disappointment. At Gerringong, you may never face this problem. The place which is just 90 minutes away from the south of Sydney is known for the best restaurants and cafes.

Celebrate The Occasion At a Private Beach

Spectacular beaches can be crowded during the most romantic day of the year. However, when you are at NSW you can spend the occasion undisturbed. Head over to Gerroa and choose among the beautiful, peaceful and secluded beaches. After a trip to the pristine waters, spend the rest of the day visiting national parks near the area.

Get in Touch With Nature

In NSW, you will never run out of outdoor activities to try. There are activities such as hiking and camping. For couples who are outdoor water enthusiasts, there are diving and dolphin watching at Jervis Bay.

Landmarks to See

There are many iconic landmarks in NSW. Among the many is the world-renowned harbor bridge.


Unsure what gift you should give? Take your special someone on a shopping spree at Gerringong.

Go On a Cruise

If you want to maximize your stay in Australia, go on a romantic overnight cruise.

Comfortable Accommodations

Travelling to a foreign country you never have been before can make you think twice about their accommodations. Fortunately, holiday apartments in Newcastle are comfy and even available for long term stays.

Go On A Hot Air Balloon Flight

Hot Air Balloon Flight Let your love reach the sky with a memorable hot air balloon flight in Byron Bay, NSW. Marvel the picturesque view of the coast, including the beaches and rainforests.

Hand Gliding

Hand GlidingApart from hot air balloon, your special someone will also appreciate hand gliding in Byron Bay. You can fly as a couple and enjoy the exhilarating activity together.

Turn Valentine’s Day extra special by flying over to New South Wales in Australia. Your partner will surely love it!

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