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The 5 Sauces Which A Family Should Have On Their Dinner Table

When a family sit down at the dinner table, there is bound to be a salt and pepper pot in the middle. There are many wholesale sauces which they should also have. Here are five of the tastiest sauces around that a family could have with their dinner:


There are many different dishes which gravy can be made for. Along with a roast dinner, gravy can also accompany steak. Vegetarian varieties of gravy can be added to meat substitutes or vegetables. In America, many people pour gravy on biscuits. Although gravy can be made by using granules, the juices from meat which has been roasted can also be the basis for gravy.


A very popular sauce, mayonnaise is perfect for a wide range of dishes. Along with sandwiches and potato salad, mayonnaise can also compliment a hamburger. Just like gravy, mayonnaise can also be made from scratch using fresh ingredients. It can also be bought in a bottle and low fat varieties are available. If a family don’t want a type of mayonnaise which is unhealthy, choose one which has a very low fat content.

 5 Sauces Which A Family Should Have On Their Dinner Table

Tomato ketchup

Another of the nations favourite wholesale sauces is ketchup is a versatile sauce. Not only is it popular with children for dipping fries in but it can also cover burgers. When a family have a barbeque, tomato ketchup should be alongside other sauces. Tomato ketchup can also be added to a curry if it is too dry. It can also be used for other dishes, such as potatoes. When a roast dinner is served to a child, they might not want to have gravy but tomato ketchup instead for their roast potatoes and chicken. Mashed potato is another popular dish which ketchup can be served with. Young children will love putting lots of ketchup into their mashed potato before eating a huge serving.


There are many types of mustard which can be enjoyed alongside a family meal. French, English and wholegrain are all popular types of mustard. French mustard is perfect for meats, such as steak and chicken. English mustard is very spicy and not normally picked by children on account of its strong taste. Wholegrain mustard is perfect for sandwiches. When preparing a sandwich, wholegrain mustard is an alternative to butter and other spreads. This is because it can hold cheese, lettuce and other fillings in place. If a child sees their parent putting wholegrain mustard on their sandwich, they could copy them. When a jar of wholegrain mustard is in the middle of a table, a child can spread some of it on their sandwich.


When plaice, cod or scampi is served for a family dinner, a jar of tartare sauce should be on a dinner table. The perfect sauce for dipping these and many other fish-based dishes in, tartare is also very tasty. Therefore, even if a young child hasn’t had tartare sauce before and is reluctant to try it, they are bound to enjoy it. In fact, they’ll probably want to have more tartare sauce once they’ve initially tasted it.

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