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The Best Android Apps to Download YouTube Videos

If you are looking to download videos onto your Android then you are in luck. Here are four apps that will allow you to download videos onto your Android.

YouTube Download

Quite why YouTube decides that we cannot download items via our PC’s but we can do it via Android mobiles leaves us scratching our collective heads. Nevertheless, this is the way it is. You won’t need to write and research an app Dissertation in order to figure out that this is probably one of the best Android apps for downloading your YouTube videos. There are no limits to how many you may download. The app is also free.

YouTube Download

There is the possibility that YouTube allows videos to be downloaded onto Androids because mobile Internet costs money, and if people want to show a video to their friends then they have to watch it multiple times and pay for it multiple times via internet fees. There is a possibility that YouTube allows their download onto mobile devices to save people money.


With this app you can search and access any video you like, you can share the link and you can download the video. It also allows you to download the video in the background so that you can watch other videos as it is downloading. As a background operation–you can have this app on all the time whilst you are doing other things on your phone. Besides the drain on your usable internet, there is no real downside.


You will notice that some YouTube videos will not download via any of the apps. Though it is not clear why this is there is two common theories. One is because the user has somehow set up a copyright barrier, which stops people from downloading. The other is because the video has an advert embedded, which stops or confuses downloads.


With this app you can search out Dailymotion or YouTube videos and download them onto your mobile device. Screen resolution on mobile devices is a problem, so this app allows you to download the high quality version of the video (as a way of compensating for the crummy picture quality of most videos).


This app also has an audio ripper, which means that you can “technically” rip music off of the sites for free. There are many videos on those sites that are just music tracks. With this app you can add them to your music library.

Sometimes if you hear a good song on YouTube, you are unable to find its name and where it came from. This makes apps such as Droid–the only conceivable method of keeping that song on your mobile device.

You will notice that this is definitely the case when the user has created their song or mix. You will find that Droid is the only way of getting that song on your Android device–unless you download the video and then edit out the music with a different app.


This app is all about downloading and organizing your YouTube videos. Its primary function is as a video library. Instead of downloading your videos into a file, this app will download them and organize them on your Android library to make them easier to find and sort.


You can always add your videos to another play list library on your Android. The reason that this is more convenient is because it downloads straight into the library so you need not index it yourself. Other play list and library apps that are already installed on your Android are good, but they are more music orientated, which is why this app comes slightly ahead of any of those.

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