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Top 10 Benefits of CAD Drafting

Drafting can be done in two ways – Manually or by using software, such as Autocad, Microstation, and CATIA. In this modern world, everyone is after perfection and time management. If you need to produce an efficient, perfect draft in less time, then the best option is to use CAD. Computer Aided Design (CAD) allows you to create wonderful designs with high degree of accuracy and purges the need for full size set outs, making it easy for the designers to work on the new and complex projects. It can be used to design 2D and 3D models of various projects ranging from big buildings to toys and includes almost everything that comes in between.

CAD Drafting

Top 10 Benefits of CAD Drafting

1. Drafting Made Simple

CAD can be used to simplify the drawings as it enables to use different scales in various angles. You can get detailed view of each part and corrections in the design can be made easily with a few mouse clicks, without consuming much time.

2.  Premium designs

CAD can increase the project efficiency since it allows the architect, engineers and designer to explore and make modifications during the development of the project. The working environment can be customized, which will be a help to create high quality designs. Moreover, the contents can be reused.

3. High Speed

CAD is extensively faster than the traditional drawing methods, since the software has all the commonly used building components incorporated in them as objects. This objects are readily available to use, and frees the designer from the task of re-drawing the components, which is quite a time consuming task.

4. Easy Access

CAD files can be easily saved, transferred and accessed from anywhere. It allows you to move around freely as you need not carry the drawing with you.

5. Design Flexibility

The precise and powerful drawing tools incorporated in CAD Drafting allows rendering and modification of the design swiftly.

6. Accuracy

Manual drawing consumes much time and needs high concentration to complete a design, but CAD can produce the same design, in no time, based on the set of exact parameters that can be entered by the user. It will be exact and for making a change, all that required is to change the parameters only.

7. Special Features

It allows the user to create 3D models from 2D views with a few mouse clicks, which will help to get a better picture of the design.

8. Productivity

CAD drawing can be used to collect the quantities of materials and supplies that will be required to complete the project.

9. Collaboration

CAD drawings are digitally stored and the team mates can access to every detail of the project from the early stages of design.

10. Printing:

Similar to a Manual Drawing CAD also builds it drawings in different layers keeping the object plan as the base layer. While printing a CAD generated design, one can include all the necessary layers in the final drawing and print it in a single sheet.

CAD has now become a standard alternative to hand drawings as most of the design- and construction-related industries rely on computers. CAD can be used by anyone who has a flair for drawing; it means that they need not have immense drawing skills.

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