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Top 10 Best Blogs in Electronics

There are several reasons why electronics professionals abandon printed trade journals in lieu of blogs. First, they get the absolute latest news, literally by the minute. Second, valuable office space is needed for lots of things besides shelf after shelf of magazines. Thirdly, this economy doesn’t lend many budgets to expensive subscriptions when the same information is available quicker and for free online. Last, but not least, printed magazines aren’t in keeping with green office policies.

Trees for paper, fuel for delivery and filling landfills with unnecessary waste are all factors in an environmentally conscious workplace. What blogs should you be reading? Read on to know the ins and outs of the electronics industry.


GadgetwiseThis blog helps electronics consumers find the best deals on the latest and greatest devices. Published by the respected New York Times, this blog features the newest phone innovations, the best apps to try and helps you get the most out of your technology. This can help those looking for a starter piece of technology to those looking for the most advanced pieces.

2.Lenovo Products Blog

Lenovo Products Blog Sometimes the best place to get information is from the horse’s mouth, and the Lenovo blog is filled with everything from the latest laptop deals to news on how technology is changing our lives and our world. Here, you can also learn how to make the most out of your computers and other digital devices.


GizmodoGizmodo is filled with tips and tricks to make your computers, phones and other devices work better. Learn how the newest technologies can benefit you and your workplace. Gizmodo also features articles on interesting developments in the scientific community.


LifehackerThis blog keeps us up to date on what products are popular and why consumers are interested in these items. Lifehacker also features in-depth comparisons of new products and offers sound advice on troubleshooting problems and fixing issues without having to pay for professional repairs and services.This site also give everyday ways to solve problems as well as a question and answer section with the editors.


EngadgetEngadget is a great way to keep up with trends in the social media network and stay on top of your marketing efforts. This blog also features the latest information on phones, games and technologies of all sorts. Learn about the latest technology first and stay on top of the industry with Engadget. They can even give you advice on how to use some forms of social media to help your business or blog.


SlashGearSlashGear also features new and upcoming products, but keeps us abreast of what top companies and executives are up to as well. Be among the first to learn about industry leaks and what apps everyone is buzzing about.This ranges from games to phones and everything in between.


UbergizmoUbergizmo (aside from having one of the coolest names in the blog biz) features information in entertaining ways. Don’t just read the news – see videos that bring the action to life. SlashGear updates us on all the new products, as well as space technology, energy advancements and more. This blog also features giveaways where readers can win prizes.

How often should you read these blogs? Most are updated at least once per day, more often when something new and exciting is going on. If you want to stay on top of the absolute latest information, a quick scan of each of these blogs every day ensures you’re always in the know about everything electronic.


TechCrunchTech crunch specializes in the news in the technology field. Often they are one of the first sites to review a new product or have a press release announcing the development. If you are in the technology startup business, TechCrunch may review your business or give you some attention which will be great for business!

9.HuffPost Tech

HuffPost TechThis site gives a look at everything to do with the world today in tech. This includes many international business dealings as they pertain to tech. Many of these writers are hired as they are well known as an authority in their respective field.

10. GigaOM

GigaOMThis is more for the people who work inside of tech’s blog. This gives tricks that only people who are involved with the business part of the technology industry would find appealing.

There will always be a website that can fill your needs in the technology industry. Here are the top ten for every walk of life. Whether it is a how to article you are looking for or some news that you think will have an impact on some of the stocks you invested in, these will all help!

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