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Top 10 Best Computer Brands in 2013

If you are trying to find a great computer that can give you high speed internet access along with numerous other features, then you definitely need to be aware of some of the most prominent computer brands that are currently available. In this guide, we will review the top 10 computer brands and the things that make them so amazing.


Apple ComputersApple is by far the most sophisticated and amazing brand of computer on today’s market. Their operating system is extremely user-friendly, and you can utilize a wide variety of features with this particular computer. If you are into multimedia projects, then this computer is especially helpful for editing videos, playing music, graphic designing and more. Plus, the incredibly fast hard drive and processor allows you to surf the internet with lightning-fast speeds. If high speed internet and great multimedia production are your goals, then Apple is one of the best computer brands for you.


HP ComputersHewlett-Packard, also known as HP, is perhaps the best computer brand that runs on the Microsoft operating system. Their computers are incredibly durable, so they can withstand most drops, high-data usage, and many other “abuses” that computers are forced to endure on a frequent basis. You also have more freedom to customize your computing experience depending on your personal preferences. These computers tend to be some of the best performers when using internet service.


Lenovo ComputersLenovo is great if you are looking specifically for a laptop that packs durability and security into one box. The keyboard is easy to use and is well-designed, so you won’t accidentally hit the wrong key over and over again, nor will it be uncomfortable or cumbersome to type on. Of course, a multitude of security features also grace the Lenovo laptops, which protects the machine from hackers and identity thieves. Plus, there is also an added durability to the unit, so it can withstand a lot of damage.


Sony ComputersSony has some of the best computers on the market. Almost all of their computers have a very durable finish, which protects them from scratches and numerous other forms of damage. You can customize the features on the computers to suit your own liking. One thing that does set the Sony computers apart from many other computers is their capability to play Blu-Ray discs, which most computers cannot currently do. This is definitely one feature that makes Sony unique in its overall functionality.


Dell ComputersDell is a great computer brand to have if you are looking for something you can have full customization and control over.  While they may not be very damage-protected in the event of a drop or spill, Dell does offer you the capability to decide which color you would like to make your machine, and you can alter the overall design of the machine and its functionality depending on your preferences. Dell also has excellent customer service, so if you ever need to contact them, you can rest assured that they will be able to respond to your request in a timely manner and get you all the help you need.


Acer ComputersOf course, no one can leave out Acer. They design some of the most sophisticated computers on the market in terms of design and functionality. Whether you want to play games, access the internet, or even just use the computer for multimedia functions and school purposes, Acer is sure to help you get the job done right.


Samsung ComputersSamsung is a great brand to invest in if you are looking for affordability with a broad array of features that help make your computing experience even more enjoyable than usual.


ToshibaWhether you are trying to play video games or even graphic design, Toshiba has numerous functions integrated into it that are certain to help you achieve even your most complicated and astounding goals. The battery life in these units is phenomenal as well, so you can rest assured that the Toshiba will not quit in the middle of operation.


PanasonicWhile Panasonic only manufactures laptop computers, you can rest assured that each model is full of quality. These are great for business purposes, stand up well under the elements and various computer “abuses,” and they also offer lightweight portability.


Alienware ComputersIf you are trying to get a computer just for gaming purposes, then Alienware is by far one of the most intriguing brands you can own. Its graphics, operating system, and interface all work together in order to give you a top-quality gaming experience, especially when used in conjunction with a high-speed internet.

These are the top 10 brands of computers based upon their features, price range, and overall functionality. Any of them are great choices, but depending on your preferences, each might offer you something a bit different.

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