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Top 10 Business Apps from Android Market for 2013

Android market is a platform where there are more than 6 million apps which are still increasing for Mobile Phones. Now what are these all about? These applications augment the day to day functionalities of your phone and as mentioned already sort them in manner that everything is at the command of your finger tips, literally!

Widgets of important and priority tasks can be placed on the home screen with which you can get an access to a particular task as and when required. You can even juggle between tasks because of its multitasking persona. This is a very important and interesting part of the market which specifically attracts business and personnel at large.

Top 10 Android Apps for Business

Top 10 Business Apps from Android Market for 2013 “Straight to the business!” people who have job on their mind every single minute can use this market as armour. These are the 10 apps that will make you do your tasks in a very swift and easy manner:

Documents To Go

Documents To Go Create, edit and view your word, excel and power point files anywhere and everywhere even if you are travelling.

Google Docs

Google Docs Quite similar to MS office but a more mobile friendly way to sync documents like spread sheets, PDF’s, etc.

Ever note

Ever note Is there anything important or creative on your mind? Has it struck you at an odd time? You can keep a note of them in any form you wish. Be it an audio or picture, it can easily be captured. This app is supported by all the devices like personal computers, notebooks, etc. It has both paid and unpaid or free versions. The difference lies in the amount of memory that you get with one and not with another.

Drop box

Drop boxIt is a famous way to push your files from your pc to mobile or vice versa. Not just that you can have an access to movies and music right on your smart phone. You get 2 GB of default space as soon as you create an account on it.

Remote For PowerPoint

Remote For PowerPoint As the name suggests all the functionalities PowerPoint can be swiped by finger and if any device has Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, it can be played on it.

Skype For Android

Skype For Android This app lets you make voice and video calls to another Skype user, free of cost. Not just that you can even share music and videos which is quite economical than the standard MMS service.


Seesmic Juggle between many social networking sites without having to lose track of messages that are being sent to you.

Hullo Mail

Hullo Mail With this app you can send voice mails free of cost to your contacts and you can even get notified about miss calls.

Trip It

Trip It This app is already recognizable by various booking sites and the phone takes an account of all your trip details and prepared an itinerary accordingly.

World Card Mobile

World Card Mobile Through this app you can scan the picture of a business card using your phone’s camera and the details on it will be digitised.

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