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Top 10 Female Singers of 2012

Top 10 Female Singers of 2012

For this season, these are the best women performers that really rocked and are still swaying the whole community because of their music and individualizes. This record of 10 most well-known women performers is using the MTV’s new record that been published for 2012.

10. Beyonce

BeyonceShe is an National musician who is known for her oozing body actions. Her whole name is Beyonce Giselle Knowles who creates or makes up music, a celebrity, and a record creator. She has been performing since she was a kid through various contests that she joined, but she increased to fame when she became a innovator of an R&B team known as Destiny’s Kid. Actually, Beyonce is one of the best compensated artists per instant among all other women artists. Beyonce on number 10th in our top 10 female  singers of 2012.

9. Nicki Minaj

Nicki MinajHer complete name is Onika Tanya Maraj who was brought up and born in Saint James, Trinidad and Tobago then at later stage, shifted on to New york as soon as she was at age 6 . The high of her profession occurred in 2007 to 2009 but her reputation improved before 2011 finished because of her Super Boss that she never considered would be her greatest hit in her performing profession. Nicki Minaj on number 9th  in our top 10 female singers of 2012.

8. Taylor Swift

Taylor SwiftAlthough she is one of the newest women performers who has a wonderful face, who was presented in the songs business in 2006, this profession is not new to her since she has been revealed to it when she was still a kid. She was seen by Scott Borchetta while she was performing at the Bluebird Coffee shop that created her first very first individual eligible Tim McGraw in 2006 of May. Her reputation ongoing and currently operating on her new tune eligible Safe and Sound  which is an formal film soundtrack of the film Hunger Games.

7. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer LopezHer complete name is Jennifer Ruby Lopez who is better known as J. Lo who is known for her wonderful figure, especially her back. She is not just a musician but she is also a developer, professional dancer, record creator, National celebrity, and TV individuality. Her collections for 2011 were I’m into You, which was launched on May 01, 2011, and by Sept 13, 2011 her third individual from Love? Papi and Papi on August 27, 2011 and she is operating on her next project for 2012. Jennifer Lopez on number 7th in our top 10 female singers of 2012.

6. Kesha

KeshaShe is an National female rapper who is also a songwriter herself. Her whole name is Kesha Increased Sebert who started her profession at 18 yr of age in 2005 but her greatest break came and occurred last year when she showed up at Flo Rida’s single entitled Right Round. She is operating on her next project that is predicted to be published in May 2012. Kesha is on 5th number in our top 10 female singers of 2012.

5. Adele

AdeleHer full name is Adele Laure Pink Adkins who is a singer-song creator from the U.K. Her profession started to glow when her classes were published by her companion in 2006 at MySpace. Her achievements carries on and it has been increased more this year where she had some project produces in Jan 2011, March 2011, and May 2011. Adele is on 5th number in our top 10 female singers of 2012.

4. Britney Spears

Britney SpearsShe was one of the most debatable performers wherein her life has become an start publication to everyone from time that she got expecting a baby and delivered a baby. Despite of the adverse encounters that she had, no one could ever illustrate the magnetic field that she offered when she first published her very first project eligible Baby One More Period in 1999 and her achievements ongoing and last year of 2011 in Goal, and had remix music with Beyonce. Britney is our top 10 female singers of 2012.

3. Rihanna

RihannaHer whole name is Robyn Beyonce Fenty who is not just known as a musician but a songwriter, acting professional, and a record creator. She is been effective in this occupation since 2005 wherein her first project is eligible Music of the Sun. She is into hip-hop, R&B, reggae, dancehall, pop, and flow.

2. Lady Gaga

Lady GagaShe is known for her unforeseen style, which is very outstanding and exclusive. Her comprehensive name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta who is brought up in New York. She is into flow and pop. She has been performing since 2005 but her reputation came into image in 2008 when she published her very first project called The Fame. A few of Lady Gaga’s best melodies are Poker Face, Just Dance, Telephone, Alejandro, Bad Romance, and many more.Lady Gaga is our 2nd on top 10 female singers of 2012.

1. Katy Perry

Katy PerryShe is a singer-songwriter and a celebrity from Santa Barbara, Florida USA and her whole name is Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson. Her trend to performing was found because of her visibility in gospel songs. Her popularity came in 2008 with her second title I Kissed a Girl and other prizes and details were given to her. Her tune  Firework has been involved in nominations for the History of the Season and before 2011 comes to an end, by January 15, 2011 she was selected as an Singer of the Time and she is on 1st position in our top 10 female singers of 2012.

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