Saturday 22 November 2014
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Top 10 Restaurants in NY

The city that never sleeps doesn’t have time to sleep with so many great restaurants. There’s so much to choose from in regards to amazing fare that you simply cannot sleep if you want to enjoy it all. These are the types of restaurants where the chefs actually want to cook for you. In fact, they spent their lives learning and training and loving every second of cooking and they want you to enjoy the talents they’ve spent their lives cultivating. After much research, plenty of food and good wine, here is a list of the top 10 restaurants in New York City.


Atera {focus_keyword} Top 10 Restaurants in NY Atera

For a palette pleasing foray into the world of seasonal cooking, the head chef at Atera knows what to serve. From decadent scallops with green tomato iced to baguettes dyed with squid ink, a meal at Atera in TriBeCa is something you will not soon forget.

Rock Center Café

Rock Center Café {focus_keyword} Top 10 Restaurants in NY Rock Center Caf

The name does not do this restaurant justice. With bustling views of the streets of NYC from Rockefeller Plaza, this restaurant doesn’t provide diners with time to consider the menu or the service when you take into account the sheer hecticness of the action going on around the restaurant.

Aroma Kitchen and Wine Bar

Aroma Kitchen and Wine Bar {focus_keyword} Top 10 Restaurants in NY Aroma Kitchen and Wine Bar

For a true Italian experience, good wine, and great food this is the place to go. Aroma Kitchen and Wine Bar is a quaint Italian restaurant situated in New York City on the outside only. From inside, you’ll feel like you are in Italy, enjoying a romantic night in a remote village with your amour.

Dirty Candy

Dirty Candy {focus_keyword} Top 10 Restaurants in NY Dirty Candy

You cannot forget about the vegetarians, which is why Dirty Candy is the perfect restaurant. Not only is the menu one that even meat-eaters will enjoy, it’s also one of the only vegetarian restaurants in the country with a Michelin Star rating.


Apizz {focus_keyword} Top 10 Restaurants in NY Apizz

If you enjoy the smoky taste of wood-grilled food, you will love Apizz, which uses only a wood grill to cook everything on the menu. Made of brick and a tiny dining room, this restaurant isn’t merely good; it’s hot.

Hudson Clearwater

Hudson Clearwater {focus_keyword} Top 10 Restaurants in NY Hudson Clearwater

Brick walls, high beamed ceilings, and a laid-back attitude puts Hudson Clearwater on the list of best restaurants in New York City. The address is for a boarded up building on Hudson Street and the actual entrance is around the corner behind a propped open door. The menu is nothing short of ingenious and the service is great.


Indochine {focus_keyword} Top 10 Restaurants in NY Indochine

It’s big, the menu is to-die-for, and the service is impeccable. It’s a classic restaurant in a classic city that invites romance, friendship, and indulgence. It’s not uncommon to see a celebrity in Indochine enjoying the ambiance that this restaurant provides.


Perilla {focus_keyword} Top 10 Restaurants in NY Perilla

Top Chef’s very first winner opened a restaurant in New York City and named it Perilla; and it is worth the visit. This restaurant isn’t overly anything. It’s just solid, with good food, good service, and good feelings all around.


Birdland {focus_keyword} Top 10 Restaurants in NY Birdland

It’s a jazz club. No, it’s a restaurant. No, it’s both. Birdland is one of the few places where you can sit, dine on excellent food, and enjoy the intimate feeling of being so close to jazz band from days long past.

Villa Pacri

Villa Pacri {focus_keyword} Top 10 Restaurants in NY Villa Pacri

It’s old-world Italian done right. If you love Italian food, you’ll love it even more after a visit to Villa Pacri. The ambiance is good, the flavors of each dish decadent, and the location is prime.

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