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Top 10 Transgendered Beautiful Female Models Who Born Male

Top 10 Transgendered Beautiful Female Models Who Born Male

Transgendered persons possess the uniqueness, direction and activities which are akin to completely conflicting opposite gender and hence they feel that something is not right with their sex as male or female. In the same way transsexual models are in demand nowadays as they have the capability to style for both men and ladies designer stuff. Here is a list about those Transgendered female models born male and these people had to go some compulsory surgical procedure to be the woman they always wanted to be.

10. Malika

MalikaMalika is the first ever Native indian who took part in Miss International Queen Beauty pageant. Malika was created a man and after several treatment options and surgical procedures she has been finally changed to a Transgendered female model that she desired to be. Malika is an knowledgeable lady who completed study in Hotel management and catering field. She did not go into modelling as she was not given any chance as she was transgendered, but after going for the Miss International Queen Beauty pageant she met different transgendered people and hence views that time the best of her life.

9. Roberta Close

Roberta CloseRoberta Close is a pre-operative transsexual lady from South America, she used to take feminine hormone shots privately at the age of 18 and also she used to adopt at womanly outfits in her youngster age. Roberta Close modeled for the South America Playboy magazine and also won the Miss Gay Brazil beauty competition when she was just 20 or so. She became the Most attractive woman in South America after she went through seven SR surgical procedures and became Transgendered female model; she was fortunately committed to her Swiss husband Roland Granacher.

8. Caroline “Tula” Cossey

Caroline Tula CosseyCaroline “Tula” Cossey is the first ever transsexual lady who were first to present for the Playboy magazine and she also starred in the James Bond franchise.Caroline “Tula” Cossey is an English lady who has the most womanly appearence due of an intersex situation known as Klinefelter’s symptoms. She went through hormonal agent treatments and so many other such as breasts enhancement treatments and everything was at last over in January 1974 and she became Transgendered female model. Caroline “Tula” Cossey was on the top page of many English magazines like Vogue; Harper’s Bazaar and also presented herself for modelling in playboy almost 30 years ago.

7. Isis King

Isis KingIsis King was the first ever Transgendered female model contestant who showed up in  America’s reality television Show America’s Next Top Model. Isis home country is Darrel Walls and began her profession as cloths designer in 2005. while she was at college, it is rumored that she performed the medical procedures on 27th March 2009. She was a runway model for seven years and then showed up in America’s Next Top Model. After that she showed up in the Tyra Banks Show twice. Isis King was also at the top cover of different magazines such as Us Weekly, 17 Journal, Out Magazine and the list goes on.

6. Chamila Asanka

Chamila AsankaIf you look at Chamila Asanka, you will not at all find out that she was born a male. Chamila Asanka is a completely new female model in the fashion business and therefore not many people are familiar about her. Chamila Asanka was one of the Miss International Queen Pageant contestants.

5. Florencia De La V

Florencia De La VFlorencia De La V at one-time was a magazine manager and captured victory for the ShowMatch in 2006. Her design passion is due to the fact that the way she used to outfit herself up at the age 17 and later she signed up herself in higher education in Fashion Developing field. She has offered her acting skills in many TV shows and even had to be play the role of a transgender in a local soap opera.

4. Lea T

Lea TLea T. is one of the hottest and wonderful models on the planet, Lea T. is the child of former Brazil based footballer Toninho Cerezo. Lea T. is rated at 42nd position at www.models.com in the list of Top 50 Models Female. Lea T. was the face of Givenchy in the year 2010 and after that time, in Jan 2011 Lea T. did a design runway show for Alexandre Herchrcorvitch. Lea has also been in the Vogue London, Hercules Magazine, and a lot of magazines because of her delicate and attractive looks. Lea T was born man but later she went through the SRS medical procedures and she is became a Transgendered female models.

3. Sirapassorn Atthayakorn

Sirapassorn Atthayakorn21 years of age Sirapassorn Atthayakorn was the transgender who was crowned as Miss International Queen 2011 in a competition presented in Nov 4 last season. Sirapassorn Atthayakorn’s attractiveness and sensuous moments were popular by all the idol judges at the competition and hence she was granted with 10,000USD and many awards, awards and a title of course by the Miss International 2010.

2. Claudia Charriez

Claudia CharriezClaudia Charriez is a gorgeous lady and just by watching her, one cannot comment that she is a transgender. She was born in 1982 and began modelling at the tender age of 16. Claudia was among the few females who achieved the semi finals of America’s Next Top Model but disqualified in the year 2006. She was later the America’s Top Transgender model as she was disqualified from America’s Next Top Model due to the reason, she was a transsexual. She confirmed her professional career as a model for Janice Dickinson’s modelling franchise and she presented for both men and ladies outfits.

1. Andrej Pejic

andrej pejicAndrej Pejic is one of the most wonderful, attractive looking and has the most fascinating attractiveness for which. Andrej Pejic has the “femiman” look, she has body of a attractive and intelligent men modles and has the attractiveness and delicateness in a femine way. Andrej Pejic was born in Tuzla and after the separation and divorce of his mother and father they shifted to Serbia. Andrej has the body that has the capability to style both females and men outfits. Andrej is at 98th spot on FHM’s “100 hottest females in the world 2011” and at Eighteenth spot on Top 50 Male Models at models.com.

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