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Top 10 Useful Tools Every Writer Should Know About

If you are a writer by profession, a writer as a hobby, or a writer who works to pick up a few extra bucks, you should know about certain tools to help you. There are websites out there that were almost custom-made for writers’ needs, and there are tools you can acquire that will help you do your job better and quicker. Here is a list of top ten tools that you should know about and use on a regular basis. The list is in no particular order, since it is advisable that a writer use all of these tools/websites on a regular basis.

Top 10 Useful Tools

1 – Spellchecker and Grammar Checkers

This tool is a part of almost every document writing software. There are even email accounts that will let you run spell checks. As a writer you cannot afford to use software that does not have a spell-check and grammar check function. Even if you are planning to rely on your own quality proof reading, the spellchecker and grammar checker is still bound to shine a light on the things that you have missed.

For example, GrammarBase.com or other grammar checking services. Just choose the most suitable for you.

2 – An Excel spreadsheet

A spreadsheet can be used to mix up lists that you have copied from online. Sometimes your clients will demand a list of certain things. You can copy those things from online and then use the various sort functions on an excel sheet to mix up the list so that it does not infringe another person’s copyrights as severely.

Also you can use spreadsheet in Online Google Docs and always have an ability to change or share yor list.

3 – A diary

You need to keep track of all the work you have to do, and all the work that needs to be done. You also need to keep track of who has paid and who hasn’t. You can use your diary to keep track of your deadlines and to plan your days/weeks/months accordingly.

4 – Writing Software

This is a no brainier, but you should consider one of the more advanced programs. The notepad that comes from with Windows is okay but is not really designed for writing long chunks of text. The notepad is better used for removing the links and formatting from stuff you copy/paste from online, so that you can play with it before copy/pasting it onto your document. More advanced writing software will have more features to help you do your job, such as an auto backup function, thesaurus and spell checker.

5 – CopyScape

Occasionally as you research things online, you will notice that your subsequent text takes on the tinge of the text you have researched. With the CopyScape program, you can check to see if your text has gone from a tinge to outright plagiarism.

6 – An Online Copyrighter

To protect your work you need to set up certain protocols. One of them could be to upload your work to a copyright company after you complete it. That way if you are not paid for your work then the client cannot use it. If they do and you find out then you can have them remove it from the Internet, and maybe even take legal action.

7 – Email

You need to use your email service to keep track of your projects and to contact your clients. Many of your clients will also prefer that you email your completed texts to them. Many clients will favor email submissions above all other.

8 – Accounting software

You need to keep track of who paid you and how much they paid you. You can also use your accounting software to see which clients are yet to pay you. You must never let a client get away without paying, and allowing them to get away with it because you yourself forgot to demand payment is unacceptable.

9 – Spinning software or website

There are some spinning programs that you can download, and there are some that are integrated into a website. You may choose whichever you feel the most comfortable with. Spinning software can be used if you are in a rush to finish some of your work and you need to cheat. You can copy the text of another website and spin it, in order to pass it off as your own.

10 – Google’s search engine

You are going to need to research you projects, and Google is a good place to start. It may not give you the best or most accurate results, but is a good starting point, as you can often find a way to locate your answer/research material. For example, Google may lead you towards a relevant book or information database.

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