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Top 3 Interview Tips for Nurses

When newly minted nurses begin to interview for jobs at area clinics and hospitals, they will want to sell themselves well. The best way to do this is to prepare carefully for each round of interviews. Once men and women have landed their first job, they’ll be able to work their way up the corporate ladder. Nurses who were able to network with others while they were finishing their degrees will have a leg up on the competition. By following the following three interview tips, however, all individuals can wow their interviewers with their knowledge and their poise.

Sales Tips for Shy People

Discuss Special Skills and Experiences

One of the best ways for nurses to make a good impression is to speak about particular skills that they have. If they have been trained in pediatrics, for instance, then they should speak at length about infant health. They will likely be asked about specific diseases and conditions, so they should feel free to elaborate as much as possible. If they had previously interned at a neonatal unit that was primarily concerned with helping newborns overcome serious heart ailments, they should make this known.

Likewise, they will want to namedrop when they can. Men and women who have taken classes from some of the best professors in the field will surely have a better chance at landing a job. In fact, job applicants who have gotten their degrees from top research institutions will have received the clinical training that will make them highly attractive to most employers.

Ask Questions about the Clinic

Applicants should also show as much interest as they possibly can in the hospital they hope to work for. Though they will be expected to answer a series of questions, they should also pose some queries themselves. When it comes to jobs tasks, they should ask for an in-depth description of what they will be expected to do. To show some extra initiative, they might also ask for a tour of the facilities.

Interviewees should also ensure that the interviewers know that they want to make a difference in the lives of others. If they are working in a geriatric facility, for example, they can ask if there might be opportunities to lead special projects. When nurses express an interest in becoming team leaders, they will be showing that they can be counted on to take the initiative when it counts. In health facilities, where the lives of patients are often at stake, this will be particularly important.

Dress Formally and Act Professionally

Because most nurses will be working as trusted healthcare professionals, men and women who fill these positions will need to project a certain image. In fact, they will need to be seen as trustworthy by the patients they come in contact with. At the interview, applicants should wear formal attire and should ensure that they are groomed appropriately. Men should be clean shaven. Women should tie their hair back into a neat bun.

Applicants should also come to the interview with all of the proper documentation. This will usually include copies of their resumes. They should also, however, bring their formal nursing licenses. Interviewers may make a copy of the license for their own files. People who show up with the proper documentation will be making an excellent first impression.

In the end, all individuals who want to land nursing positions should follow the above tips. When they dress professionally and communicate their passion for the profession, they should certainly be given a second look. Once they have been hired, they can begin building careers in the industry.


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