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TOP 5 Electronic Gifts For Kids At Christmas!

Are your kids Looking for some special exciting news at Christmas 2012? Yes, we have a list of 5 new gifts for you at this Christmas. Today, the kids are much sharper than the past. Their questions, thinking levels are totally new to this world. They love Gadget and wish to get latest version every time. They are highly more capable of thinking like computers than most of us. One time, a 5 year old asked me if she can borrow my iPad to play some Temple Run! Sigh! Really kids nowadays know better about the technological advances and fast-paced society of robots and artificial intelligence. So, I’ve listed 5 tech devices kids would want to have this Christmas season aside from having a Barbie, set of legos or a matchbox!

Digital Microscope

Digital Microscope

 Is he a potential chemist or a scientist, or maybe someone like Dexter? Then, a Digital Microscope would unquestionably put a slight end to his enumerable queries. With magnification powers of 100x, 300x up to 900x, your kids will be fascinated at discovering new things and making their initial hypotheses. Additionally, they will also acquire lenses, sample slides, vials, scalpels, forceps and tweezers needed in their experiments. With all these at hand, be prepared to have a promising Sheldon Cooper in the family!

Lomo Diana Baby 110

Electronic Gifts For Kids

If science is not his interest, then maybe photography! Teach your child the basics and let their creativity be reflected in their own photos. Their tiny grips can easily manipulate this little device letting them capture amazing photographs of landscapes, portraits or just candid moments. It has inter-changeable lenses and easy long and multiple exposures. You never know, maybe your will be the next renowned photographer in the world!

Ion All-Star Guitar

Ion All-Star Guitar

You want to have a jam session with your kid? Then an Ion All-Star Guitar is just the thing! It is a full-sized electric guitar that has an iOS device enabling them to immediately connect to iTunes and sing along with their favorite rockstars. A number of app-supporting guitars, namely Garage Band can also be played on it. You can listen to their performances again and again as it is capable of recording. In addition, special effects and feedback’s are also included. Make your child the next Elvis but be prepped for listening to very high decibels!



If a tablet designed for kids is what you’ve been searching for, then Kurio is the answer! It has the same size and weight like a Kindle Fire. It also has a micro SD card slot and two cameras. It has a 1 GHZ processor, microphone and 4 GB internal memory. It has user-friendly interface, adjustable settings which permit parents to block malicious sites to protect their kids. It comes with a lot of games and apps either educational or adventure type!

Emperor 1510 Gaming Environment

Emperor 1510 Gaming Environment

This is made exclusively for boys, for either kids or kids-at heart. Emperor 1510 Gaming environment spells comfort while experiencing an intense virtual adventure. It is a gaming device which features fully adjustable seats, LED lighting bars and BOSE sound system. Comfort plus intense adventure equals Emperor 1510.

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