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Top 5 Penguin Tips for Link Building

Google Penguin has been around for a few months now, and leaving millions of webmasters around the world confused what SEO to do to survive. As you know, Google Penguin is an update intended to remove websites that use black-hat SEO techniques, such as duplicate contents and unnatural link schemes, from the search results. Whether you are a victim of the Penguin or you want to find out the right SEO techniques to save your sites, the followings are five link building techniques that you have to do to keep the Penguin at bay.

Diversify your link profile

Getting thousands of links from high pagerank domains with the same targeted anchor texts was not a problem in the past, but this technique is obsolete now. From now on, it is important to diversify your link profile. Getting links from high pagerank domains is good, but it is also important to get links from low pagerank domains, social media sites, authority sites, etc. In terms of targeted anchor texts, 60-percent is the limit that you should not exceed. One thing to keep in mind is that though you have to diversify your link profile, you have to make sure that all your incoming links come from quality websites.

Avoid links from dropped domains

Recently, the links markets are full of people selling links from dropped domains. Although some dropped domains have valid PR, most dropped domains are domains that has been used by the previous owners to do lots of spamming. Additionally, most dropped domains have been marked as spammers by the search engines. So, the rule is clear, avoid getting links from dropped domains.

5 Penguin Tips for Link Building

Get links from trusted sites

Links from trusted or authority sites are the most powerful links to boost your website rankings. In Google’s eyes, trusted websites are sites that have good traffic, good social signals, and audience. So if you are going to perform link building campaigns, you have to evaluate your targeted sites thoroughly. If the links from trusted sites dominate the incoming links to your sites, it will be easier for your sites to stay on top of Google’s search results.

Get links from sites that have good contents

Offering your visitors with quality contents is what you have to do to make your sites more credible in the eyes of visitors and search engines. Since contents’ quality is very important, it is also important that you get links from sites that have quality contents. Visit your targeted sites, choose ten articles randomly, and check those articles by using Copyscape and Google. Of course it takes time but by doing this method, you can avoid links from crappy sites.

Get links from sites that have good ranking

If you really want to boost your sites’ ranking, make sure your sites get links from sites that have good ranking in Google. Again, this method requires you to search and analyze sites in your niches carefully. To save your time in analyzing your targeted sites, you can use several keyword tools that allow you to check sites’ rankings. If a website has good ranking for many keywords, this is a good indication that the site is a quality site and you need to get links from this kind of site.

Lastly, do not rely on luck to beat the Penguin. Diversify your link profile and follow the link building schemes mentioned above are what you have to do to keep the Penguin at bay.

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