Friday 28 November 2014
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Top Ten Apps for Traveling


TripIt {focus_keyword} Top Ten Apps for Traveling TripIt

The key to a relatively painless trip is organization, and rummaging through emails for travel confirmations, reservations or frequent flyer points can create chaos. Forward all travel arrangement emails to a designated TripIt email and the TripIt app will create a detailed, organized travel itinerary. In addition, the travel itinerary will include maps, directions and weather.iOS (free) | Android (free)


HipMunk {focus_keyword} Top Ten Apps for Traveling HipMunk

The goal for most travel booking services is to find the lowest price, but occasionally that great deal comes at a cost – frustrating layovers and connection flights. The HipMunk app generates a matrix of flights; this allows the user to filter results, by price, departure or arrival times and “agony”- the quality of the flight, or the least painful. HipMunk also shares cool travel tips and quotes while results generate. iOS (free) | Android (free)

FlightTrack Pro

FlightTrack Pro {focus_keyword} Top Ten Apps for Traveling FlightTrack Pro

With the FlightTrack Pro app air travelers can stay up-to-date on important flight details. Since FlightTrack Pro incorporates TripIt, users can track departure and arrival times, gate numbers, flight delays or changes based on imported flight itinerary. In addition, FlightTrack Pro has international compatibility, current weather status and social networking capability, so users can share their status via email, Facebook or Twitter. iOS ($9.99) | Android ($9.98)

XE currency exchange

XE currency exchange {focus_keyword} Top Ten Apps for Traveling XE currency exchange

Ideal for international travelers, the XE Currency is a one of the most dependable and user-friendly currency conversion apps. The app uses live, real-time currency rates and charts, making it absolutely correct and functional offline. In addition, once the default currency is set, users can watch up to ten different currencies. iOS (free) | Android (free)

Wi-Fi Finder

Wi-Fi Finder {focus_keyword} Top Ten Apps for Traveling Wi Fi Finder

With unreasonable data roaming charges, finding a wi-fi spot is essential for any traveler. The Wi-Fi Finder app will find a wi-fi spot from one of the 500,000 worldwide locations listed. Users can filter the search results, by free or paid hot spots, locations or provider type. iOS (free) | Android (free)

HearPlanet: Audio Guide to the World

HearPlanet Audio Guide to the World {focus_keyword} Top Ten Apps for Traveling HearPlanet Audio Guide to the World

Guidebooks and guided tours are outdated, with the HearPlanet app travelers have all the local knowledge needed for self-guided audio tour. The app can share information from over 300,000 locations globally, generating data from Wikipedia and its own database. iOS ($2.99) | Android ($2.49)

Google Goggles

Google Goggles {focus_keyword} Top Ten Apps for Traveling Google Goggles

Google Goggles is a significant groundbreaking app, ideal for anyone, but great for travelers off sightseeing. Simply take a photo of a landmark and the app will share any relevant information from Wikipedia articles.

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger {focus_keyword} Top Ten Apps for Traveling WhatsApp Messenger

The WhatsApp Messenger app is ideal for staying in touch with international travelers. The internet-based texting app allows users to share data, photos, videos, sound clips, GPS tags and texts, with any smartphone user regardless of the brand. Since the service is internet-based service, no data charges are applied. iOS ($.99) | Android (free)

Trip Journal

Trip Journal {focus_keyword} Top Ten Apps for Traveling Trip Journal

Create a digital scrapbook of your travels with the Trip Journal app. Integrated with Google Earth and smartphone GPS, users can create maps of visited locations, geo-tag photos, videos, write blog entries and export trips journals to Facebook for sharing. iOS (free) | Android (free)


AroundMe {focus_keyword} Top Ten Apps for Traveling AroundMe

The AroundMe app detects current location and then generates a list of all the business nearby. Choose from the list of categories, for example; restaurants, bars, hospitals, hotels, and filter the results. In addition, the app tracks business previously tapped and allows users to review locations visited. iOS (free) | Android (free)

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