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Top Ten Best American TV Serials In 2011

Top Ten Best American TV Serials In 2011

TV fans from different nations from all parts of society are anticipating the top TV series available in the U.S.. Whether it could be a drama, action, suspense, cartoons, mystery, crime, as well as a part of life, not just a show that is suitable for anyone to see. When you become a success in the U.S., it is heated in other countries too. Check out these Top 10 television series in 2011, and see what Americans are going gaga over.

1. Game of Thrones

1. Game of ThronesAs in the old days of knights, swords, king and queens, the seat of power is what every ruler.Once you’ve conquered the land and take the throne, become the winner of its own domain. In case you believe that is all only a game, then think again, because it takes life and reputation.

2. Caribe Road

2. Caribe Road When a mission goes wrong, you have to stop smoking and start a new life again. However, Mark Caribbean, your life may not be as nice as it is, because the President of the United States has asked to be the commander of an elite combat unit. It gets back to the old life, as it may be the key to understanding his kidnapped daughter back.

3. Swamp of wars

3. Swamp of wars Animal Planet has documented a series about an elite team of firefighters and paramedics, in response to different types of emergencies in Miami. What makes war is worse is that they are snakes and other reptiles that cause death to residents.

4. Wild Kratts

4. Wild KrattsWho says adults rule the waves. Children also have the opportunity to see a top rating U.S. cartoon television series, Wild Kratts, inspired by real characters Kratt, Martin and Chris.

5. Suits

5. Suits Being a lawyer requires more than intelligence, but the rule of law and its principles and applications. But for Mike Ross, who has an eidetic memory, everything is possible for him, though he had no law degree. Yes, your level of knowledge can be compared to that of a Harvard graduate who goes to pretend.

6. The Booth at the End

6. The Booth at the End “How far would you go to get what you want?” You may have heard this question once or twice in your life, take your imagination and think about things they want and dream of having. In this series, other characters a chance to talk with the man in the booth, located at the end of the room, in the desire to have what they want, on one condition. They need to update what is going on with your life.

7. The Confession

7. The Confession Try to imagine a scene in which a murderer is paid to a priest and two discussed the immensity of good and evil, and sharing the area in a confessional. The murderer paid exercised its discretion to decide who or who not to kill. He still has compassion. However, the series gets darker and more intriguing when the priest speaks inside the confessional and mention some things that you do not expect.

8. Drew Carey Improv-A-Ganza

8. Drew Carey Improv-A-Ganza You may have seen “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” And “Drew Carey Green Screen Show” and wonder how comedian singer contestants have fared with silly sketches, and all rad and improvised games. Yes, this is the team helping the contestants who aspire to improve their skills and art while being loaded with a lot of things to laugh about.

9. Homeland

9. Homeland The story centers on a Marine Sergeant Nicholas Brody who returned from Iraq, disappeared eight years after its mission. His return can be a remarkable feat for his countrymen, however, one particular member of the CIA, Carrie Anderson, sees him as someone different. He can become a spy who has the key to attacking the U.S. at its weakest point.

10. Grimm

10. Grimm Imagine that in the woods and finding answers to a murder that died a questionable death. As you’re trying to get the pieces one by one, you realize that what is involved is far beyond your imagination. You are in search of a suspect who is not part of the usual preference.


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