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Top Ten Things To Think About When Improving Your Home Decor

This article looks at the ten most considerations you should take when looking to upgrade your interior decor, or home office. It suggests some good practice tips for creating a useful and stylish interior this summer.

Looking to upgrade your interior this summer? You are not alone and it is a great time to really freshen up your living and working space. Of course, many of us work from home, either permanently or on an occasional basis, so it makes sense to leverage your space as much as possible, to facilitate good working practices and a happy, healthy leisure lifestyle for you and your family.

Home Decor

There is no getting away from it, furniture is the key to a happy and healthy living and working space and this means finding pieces which look good, but most importantly, are strongly functional too. Assess every item within your space and ask whether it adequately fulfils either criteria. A broken office chair, or a desk that doesn’t quite store all of your items, are no good to anyone and should be replaced.

As well as potential furniture at work complaints if you choose the wrong items for your functional space, lighting is a typical bugbear for those that need to work at home.

Go Integrated
Integrated kitchens, offices, bathrooms and storage space. These multi-functional furniture items and space solutions mean that yourliving spaces look clear and uncluttered, whilst storing all your essentials in handy drawers, cupboards and boxes. Get rid of those cluttered surfaces!

Space Design
Use an online spatial design planner to lay out your room’s dimensions and work out how it might best be organised for the tasks at hand.

Choose brights for energy and pastels for calm and organisation. Neutrals work well with colour pops and allow you to regularly changeyour look with new accessories.

Fabrics And Textures
Texture is often overlooked in interior design, but it is essential for creating an overall mood and feel. Lustrous velvets, light linens, rough hessians, smooth cottons, textured ceramic pots, smooth gloss worktops. Consider your mix carefully and combine man-made and natural textures for a unique and thrilling finish.

These are cheap, cheerful and a fun way to upgrade your living and working space without breaking the bank.

Art And Personal Knick-Knacks
Avoid overloading every surface with photos, but rather, rotate a well chosen range of beautifully framed family snaps and artworks, or invest in a digital photo frame to regularly change the selection.

The Right Supplier
This is essential to avoid problems later down the line. For example, if you use a supplier such as furniture at work complaints will not be something you need to worry about, thanks to their enhanced customer service and clear returns policy. Buy from a trusted partner and remove the worry, should your purchase turn out to be unsuitable.
Another easily overlooked aspect of successful design, scent has a powerful impact on our energy, moods and feelings. Try a bright and zingy lime or grass based candle to inject energy into your day!

Anna Mathews writes regularly on interior decor topics for a range of consumer websites, blogs and publications. She is a keen home-maker and flexible worker.

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